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Processing a Request for Service

The workflow for processing a customer's request for service, shown in Figure 1, includes the following steps:

  1. Receive a request for service.
  2. Generate a service request.
  3. Verify the request, by confirming:
    • The account
    • The caller (contact)
    • Assets
    • Entitlements for service
    • Warranties
  4. Try to solve the problem using known solutions.
  5. If known solutions do not solve the problem, generate activities for service.
  6. Order parts if needed.
  7. Schedule a service engineer and assign activities to that service engineer, if needed.
  8. Assign and schedule field service activities (see Setting Up and Using Scheduling and Setting Up and Using the Dispatch Board for more information).
  9. Perform the activities.
  10. Close the service request.
Figure 1. Workflow for Processing a Service Request
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