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Service Screen

When responding to a service call, a customer service representative can create a service request on the Service screen. The service request tracks all activities connected with the call and records the service business's entire response to the service call (activities, orders, parts movements, and assignments). Topics include:

On the Service screen, the user can carry out the following tasks:

  • To verify the entitlements for the account requesting service, click the Verify button.
  • Find solutions that may resolve a service call (Solutions view).
  • Set up new service requests (All/My Service Requests view).
  • To show the current warranty coverage for an asset associated with a service request, choose the Check Warranty menu command (Service Details view).
  • Associate change requests with a service request (Change Requests view).
  • Provide activity plans for a service request (Activity Plans view).
  • Provide individual activities for a service request (Activities view).
  • Assign activities to field service engineers using the Siebel Scheduler, Assignment Manager, or Dispatch Board (most Service Request views).
  • Attach documents to a service request (Attachments view).
  • Review orders for a service request (Orders view).
  • To prepare an invoice for all billable activities and expenses for a service request, click the Auto Invoice button (Invoices view).
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