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Creating Service Requests (End User)

There are several ways to create a new service request. Typically, service requests are created from the Service screen, Contacts screen, Companies screen, or Financial Accounts screen.

One of the easiest ways to create a service request is within the Financial Accounts screen using the GO button. Using the GO button, end users can choose from a predefined list of service requests for a given account type. After selecting the GO button, a user is automatically navigated to the view in the Service screen to handle that type of request. The contact and account are automatically associated with the new service request. For more information on creating a service request using the GO button, see Managing Financial Accounts.

The Service screen allows end users to initiate a service request to change customer address and name information so that this information can be updated in their organization's database.

To create a service request from the Contacts screen

  1. Navigate to the Contacts screen > Contacts List view.
  2. In the Contacts list, drill down on the contact for which you want to create a service request.
  3. Click the Service Requests view tab.
  4. In the Service Requests list, add a record and complete the necessary fields.

For more information about service requests, see Siebel Applications Administration Guide.

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