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Requesting Account Service in Service Requests (End User)

The Account Services view tab in the Service screen allows end users to create service requests that are related to an organization's service. Available account services are described in Table 4.

Table 4. Account Services View Items
Account Service

Add Payment Schedule

Creates a customer's payment schedule.

Auto Payment / Saver

Associates an auto payment request with a service request.

Bank Check

Requests a replace credit card or an additional card.

Bill Pay Sign Up

Creates or changes a customer's bill pay service with a service request.

Card Services

Requests issuance of a bank check to a specified payee and his/her address.

Check Copy Request

Requests a copy of a check.

Check Order

Orders additional checks.

Close Account

Closes the specified account.


Records a one-time short extension under an existing contract.

Typically, extensions are granted for up to six-months and no new paperwork is required.

Extra Payment

Changes a customer's monthly payment schedule or amount. You can use the Service Request Extra Payment view to record the new monthly payment and provide the customer with updated loan information, such as the new term and interest saved.

Funds Transfer

Requests a funds transfer.

Interest/Fee Reversal

Reverses an interest payment or fee.

Line Increases

Increases a customer's credit line or cash limit.

Lost/Stolen Information

Records information regarding lost or stolen items, such as credit cards.

Lump Sum

Records a lump sum transaction and provides a customer with new monthly terms.

This feature allows customers to:

  • Reduce the amount of their monthly payment, while maintaining the same terms, or
  • Continue paying the same monthly payment while reducing their terms

Modify Payment Schedule

Modifies a customer's payment schedule.

New Assumption

Records a new assumption if a lease gets traded to a new party, and this party assumes the future payments of the lease.

Payment Inquiry

Records information for customers who claim to have made a credit card payment, but the payment has not shown up on their statement.

Payment Promise

Records customer payment promises during a collection call or campaign.


Records a payoff of the lease.

Payoff Status

Records a payoff transaction and provides customers with their payoff amounts.

POS Support

Handles merchant requests related to credit card point of sales (POS) equipment such as terminal repairs, paper orders, and order signage.

Quick Pay

Records check transactions as if the customer had sent the check in as a payment. Customers can provide check information, such as the ABA number, check number, and amount, to expedite a monthly payment.


Records the re-lease of the vehicle to the customer.

Redeem Points

Records information for customers who want to redeem points.


Records the refinance request.

Statement Copy

Orders a statement copy for customers.

Stop Payment

Stops a payment.

Title Move

Records moving the title from one party to another.

Transaction Dispute

Creates a record of a customer dispute. End users can associate disputes with notes and attachments.

Wire Transfer

Provides wire transfer information if applicable.

To request an account service using a service request

  1. Navigate to the Service screen > Service Request List view.
  2. Create a new record and drill down on the SR #.
  3. In the Service Request Detail form complete the necessary fields.
  4. Click the Account Services view tab.
  5. From the view link bar, select an account service.

    For a description of the service types, see Table 4.

    NOTE:  In the Account Services list, the following views have additional drop-down lists: Check Copy Request, Extra Payment, Fee Reversal, Payoff Status, Quick Pay, Statement Copy, and Stop Payment. From the values in these drop-down lists, end users can choose to display the list or the more detailed form in which they can enter an account service request.

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