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Forecasting Terms

Table 3 defines some terms that might be helpful as you learn about and use Siebel Forecasting.

Table 3. Forecasting Terms

Forecast period

The period of a forecast series from start date to end date, for example, quarterly.

Interval period

The period between creation of new forecasts; their frequency, for example, weekly.

Product quantity forecasting

Forecasting in which forecasts are aggregated according to specified fields, where each field is assigned a particular hierarchical level. Also known as multidimensional revenue forecasting.

Roll up

To sum details and synchronize totals with summaries.

Summary period

A length of time into which revenues are aggregated for each forecast in a series. The default summary period is the month.

Summary revenue

The sum of revenues in a forecast period. Each summary period has one summary revenue amount.

Total forecast revenue

The sum of each summary record. Each summary period is a summary record period.

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