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Opportunity Forecasting

End users often need a sales pipeline and actuals to proactively manage key deals, allocate sales resources, manage sales costs, and respond to competitive or industry trends.

Forecast Requirements

The forecast must allow opportunity management consistent with the company's sales methodology, for example, sales stage, revenue class, and probability.

Administrator Usage Example

The administrator defines a forecast series with the name WW Sales. The Auto Forecast Search Spec is set as follows:

[Calculated Primary Flag] = 'Y'

This search pulls opportunity-level revenue items into the forecast.

End User Revenue Example

The end user:

  • Adds a new opportunity.
  • Maintains relevant opportunity data.
  • (Optional) Uses the Revenue Type field in each revenue item to add booked, billed, and actual status as revenue data is actualized over time. End users can use the Revenue Class field to categorize each revenue item with service/hardware/software attributes.

End User Forecast Example

The end user:

  1. Creates a new forecast based on the WW Sales forecast series.

    In the Details view, end users can see opportunity data they are working on being automatically pulled into their forecast.

  2. Makes adjustments and views the adjustment history.
  3. Submits the forecast.
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