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Configuring Case and Accent Insensitivity

At Siebel 8.0, query features are enhanced to allow you to create indexes that directly support case and accent insensitive (CIAI) queries on eligible text columns. Such query behavior may be particularly useful for multilingual deployments.

The CIAI Wizard configures specified columns for CIAI queries by defining CIAI columns and CIAI indexes in the repository. The wizard also sets the Default Insensitivity property for these columns to DB Case & Accent.

The exact steps and requirements for configuring case and accent insensitivity may differ for new install scenarios and upgrade scenarios.

For detailed information about running the CIAI Wizard to configure CIAI queries for specified columns, see applicable background and task topics in the following documents on Siebel Bookshelf:

  • Configuring Siebel Business Applications
  • Siebel Installation Guide for the operating system you are using
  • Siebel Database Upgrade Guide

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