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Verifying Bidirectional Capability

Siebel applications display a left-to-right or right-to-left user interface, according to the current language and locale. For example, Siebel Business Applications display from right-to-left for Arabic (ARA) or Hebrew (HEB).

Framesets in Siebel Web templates (SWT files), as used by the Siebel Web Engine, automatically reflect the UI directionality (either left-to-right or right-to-left) defined for the current locale.

Verifying UI Directionality Settings for Arabic or Hebrew

User interface elements display from right-to-left for Arabic or Hebrew. It is recommended to verify that UI Directionality is set to Right To Left for the Arabic and Hebrew locales.

  • For the Siebel Web Client, the UI Directionality setting is already correctly defined by default as Right To Left for the Arabic and Hebrew locales, as shown in the view Administration - Data > Locales. Do not modify this setting.
  • For Mobile and Developer Web Clients, verify the following setting in the Arabic or Hebrew application configuration (CFG) file for your Siebel application, such as uagent.cfg for Siebel Call Center:

    UIDirectionality = RTL

Modifying Fonts in Cascading Style Sheets

Depending on which fonts are available on your client machines, you may need to modify cascading style sheets (CSS files) to specify different fonts for use with your language. For more information, see Configuring Cascading Style Sheets to Specify Different Fonts.

Creating Language-Specific Object Manager Components

If you are implementing a language that shipped after the initial product rollout (this scenario may not apply), see Scenarios for Installing and Deploying Siebel Languages. See also the details for the scenario for installing and deploying additional languages in an existing deployment, which are located in the Siebel Installation Guide for the operating system you are using.

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