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Developing a Glossary for Translating Product Terminology

It is strongly recommended that you develop a localization glossary. Developing a glossary of your translatable terminology offers the following advantages:

  • It maintains a consistent translation of terms over the lifetime of your localization.
  • It shortens the time that it takes for successive translators to do their work, because the bulk of the terminology has already been translated and they can then spend their time deliberating on how to translate terms that are new in the current release.

    NOTE:  Update the glossary with each release to reflect new translated terms.

  • You can identify terms that you do not want translated, for example, legal names of marketable products or other terms.

Table 10 provides a sample of a localization glossary.

Table 10. Siebel Life Sciences Sample Localization Glossary
Siebel ENU Term
Siebel DEU Term
Customer-Specific Term

Account Affiliation


Beziehungen - Firma




Best/Visit Times

Best Times:günstigste Zeit

Besuchs- und Öffnungszeiten

Brick Subtype

Sektor Subtyp


Contact Affiliation

Kontaktaufnahme mit Zweigniederlassungen

Beziehungen - Person




Begin your localization effort by having your marketing department work with the translators to create this glossary. The marketing department can help the translators determine which terms should not be translated, while the translators can offer the marketing department suggestions on terminology in the target language from a localization standpoint.

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