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About Configuring Global Deployments

By answering the following questions, you will be underway to planning for configuration of your global network applications. For detailed information about configuration tasks, see Configuring Global Deployments.

  • Which address applet layouts do you want to modify for your target countries?
  • Which Name layouts do you want to modify for your target country and languages?
  • Do you want to add preferred language to contact records? The preferred language is the language in which a customer prefers to receive communications such as email messages, brochures, and so on.
  • Do you want to separate prospect lists by country and language?
  • Do you want to add language/country code to attachment names? Doing so may help you identify attachments intended only for an audience using a particular language or page size, for example.
  • Do you want to extend product masters, training course descriptions, and other master data to have local language versions? Doing so may help you provide such information to the right audience.
  • Do you want to mark selected data records with a country or language tag? Doing so may help you roll up sales records originating in a particular country or region, for example.
  • Have you converted LOVs to MLOVs, where appropriate?
  • Have you updated LOVs or MLOVs with international content—for example, lists of countries, offices, and other information? Have you previously added organizations by country and/or region? Organizations in the Siebel application may be defined as countries. See also Localizing Lists of Values and Multilingual Lists of Values.
  • Have you created localized response templates for email?
  • Have you created multilingual PDQs? This term refers to PDQs that are constrained by language or by country, in order for the query names to display using the appropriate language.
  • Have you modified custom search criteria to match non-English records?
  • Have you created localized seed and demo data?
  • Have you modified workflows to perform LOV value lookup?

By addressing the foregoing questions, you achieve the following outcomes:

  • Address and name applets formatted to your target countries
  • Successfully configured LOVs or MLOVs, and PDQs
  • Successfully configured email servers and other third-party servers
  • Successfully localized seed and demo data
  • Workflows modified for language and locale
  • Successfully localized global data, iHelp, SmartScripts, online help, and so on
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