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Unsupported Features for Siebel Handheld Client

The differences between configuring user interface elements for the Siebel Web Client and the Siebel Handheld Client are shown in Table 5.

Table 5. Configuring Siebel Client User Interface Elements
Siebel Tools
SWT Template Files
Specialized Algorithms

Siebel Web Client




Siebel Handheld Client




The following are not supported in Siebel Handheld applications:

  • Chart and explorer applet types are not supported.
  • Group boxes are not supported. For more information about group boxes, see Group Boxes.
  • Alarm Manager is not supported. Therefore, if an alarm check box is added to an applet and the check box is selected, no alarm sounds.
  • The base time zone is determined by the system settings on the Siebel Server and cannot be changed on the handheld device.
  • Siebel Browser and Siebel Server side scripting are not supported.
  • Siebel Workflow is not supported.
  • Siebel Personalization.

See the following topics, which outline, more specifically, other unsupported features.


Siebel Handheld applications support most of the calculated fields and operations used in the Siebel Web applications with a few exceptions. See the following list of unsupported functions.

  • AccountId
  • BCHasRows
  • DockingNodeId
  • DockingNodeName
  • DockingNodeRoutId
  • EAILookupExternal
  • EAILookupSiebel
  • GetHQInstanceId
  • GetHQInstanceName
  • GetNumBCRows
  • GetProfileAttr
  • GetXAval
  • IsDocked
  • LanguageName
  • LocaleName
  • LookupMessage
  • LookupTranslation
  • NOT
  • ParentFieldValue. This function works as a calculated field but not in, or with, a search specification.
  • RepositoryId
  • RepositoryName
  • RowIdToRowNum
  • ToolsLanguage

The NOT key word is not supported on Booleans. Use the != operator instead. For example, "Active" != "Y".

The RowIdToRowNum function is supported differently in Siebel Handheld applications than in the Web applications. In Web applications, RowIdToRowNum converts a row Id to a numeric value. In Siebel Handheld applications, the row ID itself is returned.

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