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Configuring Siebel Handheld Applications to Open Other Applications

You can open other applications from hyperlinks within Siebel Handheld applications. To configure a field to be a hyperlink, you must specify the field type as FT_URL in Siebel Tools. For more information about how to configure a field, see Configuring Siebel Business Applications.

When a user taps a hyperlinked field, the content of the field is treated as a URL or as an attachment. Field values that start with www or http are automatically treated as URLs, otherwise they are treated as attachment files.

You must also configure the application user property, BrowserPath. You must specify the path to the application that you want to use to open a document in a URL field. The BroswerPath user property specifies the location of the executable file for the application in which to open attachments and URLs. For more information about how to use the BrowserPath user property, see BrowserPath User Property.

The AttachmentDir setting specifies the storage location for your attachment files. For more information about AttachmentDir, see Configuring the Attachment Storage Location and Storage Capacity.

NOTE:  Field values are added to the start of the AttachmentDir registry value.

To open an application within a Siebel Handheld application

  1. Set the BrowserPath application user property to, for example, \windows\pword.exe in Siebel Tools.
  2. Set the registry setting AttachmentDir to, for example, \Program Files\Siebel Handheld\Attachment.
  3. From the Siebel Handheld application on your handheld device, tap the URL or attachment to open the file in Pocket Word.

    In this example, the field is displayed as a hyperlink. If the value of the URL field is test.doc, when the user taps the field value, the file \Program Files\SiebelHandheld\Attachment\test.doc is opened. The file is opened in Pocket Word, that is, \windows\pword.exe.

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