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Configuring Multiple Form and Multiple Quantity Printing for the Siebel Handheld Application

Where multiple print templates or forms are associated with an applet, you can configure your Siebel Handheld application so that the user is given the option of specifying the number of copies, if any, to print for each form associated with that applet.

User can select 0 (to not print that form) or specify more than 0 by clicking the arrow keys.

To configure multi-form, multi-quantity printing

  1. Configure print applets as you would any other applet using Siebel Tools.
  2. Add the print applets to the View from which you want to print.
    1. From the Objects Explorer in Siebel Tools, select View > [My Print View] > View Web Template > Base > View Web Template Item, where [My Print view] is the name of the view from which you want to invoke printing.
    2. In the View Web Template Items List, add a record for each new print applet, specifying the value for Applet by selecting the new print applets you created in Step 1.

      NOTE:  Specify values for Item Identifier to be greater than 2 to ensure that print applets are not visible in the user interface.

  3. Create print templates as specified in Creating Print Templates for the Siebel Handheld Application.
  4. Configure a print button using the PrintBatch method as follows:
    1. From the Objects Explorer in Siebel Tools, select Applet > [My Print Applet] > Control, where [My Print Applet] is the applet upon which you want the Print button to appear.
    2. In the Control List, add a new record with the following properties:

      Name = Print

      HTML Type = Button

      Method Invoked = PrintBatch

      NOTE:  If the applet already has a print button configured based on previous functionality, just edit the Method Invoked property for that button to PrintBatch.

    3. From the Objects Explorer in Siebel Tools, select Applet > [My Print Applet] > Applet User Prop, where [My Print Applet] is the same applet that you specified in part a of Step 4.
    4. In the Applet User Properties List, add a PrintForms user property. For more information about this property, see PrintForms User Property.

      Install and synchronize your Siebel Handheld application. For more information about how to install and synchronize your Siebel Handheld application, see Process of Installing the Siebel Handheld Application and Synchronizing Data on Your Handheld Device.

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