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Signature Capture Dialog Box and Signature Display

The Signature Capture dialog or display box consists of three controls in the client area: header, signature, and footer. A toolbar displays various buttons depending on the existence of signature data.

Initially, when signature data does not exist or has not yet been captured, the user sees a single line of text within the field control that reads Not Signed. Once the signature capture dialog box or signature display is invoked, the Clear and Cancel buttons are enabled, while the Accept button is disabled. Once the Signature area within the dialog box is populated, the Accept button is automatically enabled. Table 9 describes the functionality around these three buttons.

Table 9. Signature Capture Dialog Box Buttons


Tap this button to commit the signature to the database.


Tap this button to reset and clear the signature field.


Tap this button to discard the signature and close the display.

Once the signature is committed (for example, signature captured and accepted in the database), the user sees a single line of text x Signed x within the applet field control.

The Header and Footer is a line of text in one or more paragraphs. The specific Header or Footer values that appear as well as how they appear in the dialog box is controlled by a set of user properties. See User Properties for Signature Capture Applets.

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