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Enabling Application Lockout for a Siebel Handheld Application

An application lockout can occur if a user fails to enter their correct password after a certain number of attempts. If authentication fails n times, where n is defined by the administrator by setting the FailedLoginAttempts setting, the current date is written to the security settings file, and a notification message that the application is exiting is displayed. The administrator can set the duration of the lockout by setting a value for the Lockout Period setting from the Administration - Mobile screen > Application Administration > Settings view tab.

If a user forgets their password and transactions exist in the device database, then the administrator can reset the user's password to blank using third-party device management software.

After the password is reset, the user can log into the Siebel Handheld application using the blank password. However, users must still provide their password to synchronize. After the next successful synchronization login, the application password is automatically set to match the synchronization password.

To configure the Enable Application Lockout setting

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Mobile screen > Application Administration > Settings view tab.
  2. Select the Enable Application Lockout setting.
  3. Set the value to TRUE.
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