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Enabling Authentication for a Siebel Handheld Application

The authentication of a handheld device is necessary for security reasons. Any user who has access to a handheld device must not be able to use the Handheld application without the appropriate access rights. For this reason, users are required to enter a password at the splash screen, before the application loads. You are prompted for both a username and password when you want to perform synchronization.

The Allow Remember Password feature allows the user to save their password when they log into the Siebel Handheld application. If the user selects the Save Password check box on the log in splash screen, the password is saved to the device registry. When complete, users will not need to enter the password each time they log in to the Handheld application

The check box on the splash screen is only enabled when the administrator sets the Allow Remember Password property to true.

To configure the Allow Remember Password setting

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Mobile screen > Application Administration > Settings view tab.
  2. Select the Allow Remember Password setting.
  3. Set the value to TRUE.
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