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Enabling Local Database Encryption for a Siebel Handheld Application

Siebel Handheld database encryption is required to provide extra security for users data on the handheld device. If the Enable Encryption setting is enable, the database is always encrypted so that no other application can open and view the data. Once the application is loaded, the database is decrypted as expected. No other application can try to access the database because it is locked by the Handheld application. The database is always encrypted when not in use by the Handheld application.

To enable encryption on a local database

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Mobile screen > Application Administration > Settings view tab.
  2. Select the Enable Encryption setting.
  3. Set the value to True.

When this setting is enabled, the database is encrypted when the application exits, and is decrypted when the application is started.

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