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Business Component Classes for Siebel Service Handheld

This topic lists the supported business component classes for Siebel Service Handheld applications.

NOTE:  The business component classes for Siebel Handheld applications are based on the classes for the Siebel Web Client. However, in most instances, because of the limitations of Siebel Handheld applications, only a subset of the class functionality that is required for the Siebel Handheld application is supported. All business components are shared by the Siebel Handheld application and the Siebel Server.

The following are the supported business component classes for Siebel Service Handheld applications:

  • CSSBCActivityPart
  • CSSBCActivitypartMvmt

    NOTE:  This class is a specialized business component that records the part movements between Siebel inventories. As a result, it needs the Siebel inventories to be present in order for it to work. The Part Tracker view is based on the business component FS Activity Parts Movement.

  • CSSBCAssetWrnty
  • CSSBCBusComp
  • CSSBCInvoice

    NOTE:  Print invoice documents use multiple user properties in the FS Invoice business component. This class follows a sequential logic that steps through each of the user properties, for example, Use Document Type Field, Document Type Field, Document Type LOV Type, Document Type1, Document Type2.

  • CSSBCLineItem

    NOTE:  The behavior of the Line Items business component is based on this class. In this case, a Line Item record can be updated only if its parent Order record is exposed (present and active) in the Service Order screen. The Line Items view is based on the Line Items business component.

  • CSSBCOrder

    NOTE:  This class is the specialized business component class for Order Management. CSSBCOrder is used to create an Order header and invokes the specialized Order behaviors.

  • CSSBCPMAsset
  • CSSBCServiceRequest

    NOTE:  This specialized business component class provides functionality for the Service Request module. The Service Request module is used to keep track of issues and problems that either the customer or the employee encounter. Among the issues that the Service Request module handles are entitlement verification, warranty checking, and calculating commit time.

  • CSSBCTmshtitem

The following classes are supported by Siebel Service Handheld, but there is no specialized code in the Siebel Handheld application (specific to Siebel Service Handheld) for these classes:

  • CSSBCActivity

    NOTE:  CSSBCActivity is a base class for action-related business components. This class provides support for the creation and manipulation of actions. It also acts as the specialized back-end data supplier for other components, such as, Siebel Calendar, Siebel Scheduler, and Siebel Email Response. For more information about the CSSBCActivity class, see Siebel Developer's Reference Guide.

  • CSSBCAssetReading
  • CSSBCBase

    NOTE:  CSSBCBase is a base class from which other business component classes are derived. This class provides functionality through business component user properties and invokes methods that are useful in many common situations. For more information about the CSSBCBase class, see Siebel Developer's Reference Guide.

  • CSSBCUser

    NOTE:  CSSBCUser is the base class for people-related business components, such as, User, Employee, Contact, and Personal Contact. This class provides functionality for user creation and management, external security adapter integration, Sync List for PIM devices, Personal Contact promotion, and other general contact and employee tasks. For more information about this class, see Siebel Developer's Reference Guide.

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