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Business Components for Siebel Service Handheld

Table 34 lists the supported business components for Siebel Service Handheld applilcations.


Table 34. Business Components for Siebel Service Handheld
Supported Business Components


Holds account related information. This business component is used to manage account details.

NOTE:  Account stores information related to any external organization with which the company does business.


Holds activity information, such as, activity type, due date, completion date, owner, account priority, and description. This information is used to track the activities carried out for an account or a contact.

Agreement Entitlement

Holds agreement entitlement information.

Asset Mgmt - Asset

Holds asset information.


Holds contact related information, such as, first name, last name, title, account, and account address. This business component is used to add contacts.

NOTE:  Contacts are entities or individuals with whom the company currently does business or with whom it expects to do business in the future.

Contact Note

Holds note information for contacts.


Holds currency information.


Holds employee related information, such as, user ID, first name, last name, and organization.

NOTE:  Employees are individual company users (or members) who have access to the Company data.

Entitlement Account

Holds information about the entitlements for the account.

FS Activity Parts Movement

Holds information about the parts movement for an activity.

FS Activity Parts Movement Admin

Holds parts movement administration information for activities.

FS Activity Recommended Parts & Tools

Holds recommended parts & tools information for the activity.

FS Activity Step

Holds activity step information.

FS Asset Measurement Characteristics

Holds information about the measurement characteristics of an asset.

FS Asset Reading

Holds information about the measurement reading of an asset.

FS Asset Warranty

Holds asset warranty information.

FS Bucket

Holds information about inventory details, such as, availability, inventory location, inventory level, and product details of the inventory in the representatives trunk.

FS Bucket - Part Browser

Holds information about the product and its availability along with product details in all inventory locations.

FS Bucket Header - Part browser

Holds information of product details and availability along with the inventory location, type, and part number details of the product.

FS Expense Item

Holds information about individual expense items for an activity.

FS Instruction

Holds information about the details of an instruction, such as, instruction type, creator, and source ID.

FS Inventory Location

Holds data pertaining to inventory locations for a given account or customer.

FS Inventory Transaction

Holds information about the inventory transactions for an activity.

FS InvLoc Product

Holds the inventory location details for a product

FS Invoice

Holds invoice information for an account, customer, activity, or service request.

FS Invoice Line Items

Holds information about the individual line items in an invoice. There can be more than one invoice line item for a given invoice.

FS InvTxn Ledger Entry

Holds information about the quantity and date of the inventory transaction.

FS PickList Inventory Txn Type

This picklist business component holds information about the transaction type.

FS Product Inventory Category

Holds information about the category, its availability, and reorder details.

FS Rate List Item

Holds information about the rate list for a product.

FS Service Detail Expense Bill Item

Holds service detail information in relation to individual expense bill items.

FS Service Detail Product Bill Item

Holds service detail information in relation to product bill items.

FS Service Detail Time Bill Item

Holds service detail information in relation to time bill items.

FS Substitute Part Bucket - Part Browser

Holds inventory location details, part details, and quantity details for a product.

FS Transaction Assets

Holds information about asset transactions including asset number and asset description.

FS Transaction Assets Alt

Holds information about asset transactions.

Internal Product

Holds internal product related information, such as, product name, type, organization, and product line.

NOTE:  Internal Product stores information about the company's internal products, promotional items, and competitive products.

Order Entry - Line Items

Holds product order information, such as, product name, part number, quantity, start price, and net price.

NOTE:  An Order Entry-Line Item is a product or service that is added to an order.

Order Entry - Order Types

Holds information about the order type.

Order Entry - Orders

Holds order related information, such as, order number, status, and account.

Price List

Holds information about the standard prices for products or services.

NOTE:  A product must exist in a price list so that it appears in a catalog. The price list is one of the requirements for a product's visibility.

Price List Item

Holds individual item information in relation to price lists.


Holds information about the details of a project, such as, account, billing, expense, position, rate list, and price list.

PS Rate List

Holds information about the price list for an Employee.

Service Request

Holds information about the details of the service request, such as, account, contact, asset, entitlement, warranty, and product.

Time Sheet Daily Hours

Holds information about the details of the Daily Time Sheet.

NOTE:  Time Sheet Daily Hours is one of the child Service business components with which the Action business component is associated.

Time Zone

Holds time zone information.

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