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Assets Business Component

Accounts determine which assets are downloaded. Therefore those assets that are associated with the selected accounts are extracted. In addition, any assets in the field technician's trunk are downloaded.

No Record Business Object Filters

By default, all records for each screen in the Service application—Activities, Accounts, Contacts, and Service Requests—are downloaded to the device. If the defaults are applied, this might result in an unacceptably large number of records on the device. In the Siebel Service Handheld application, the relationship between the business components, as defined in Siebel Tools, determines which accounts, contacts, and service requests are selected and downloaded. Therefore, business object filters have been defined so that no account, contact, and service request records are selected for synchronization through the default mechanism. These no-record filters are:

  • Def_*No Accounts
  • Def_*No Contacts
  • Def_*No Service Requests
  • Def_*No Assets

These filters appear, by default, in the Choose drop-down list when users synchronize their devices. (The exception to this is the Def_*No Contacts filter because there is no Contacts screen.) These filters are only applicable during synchronization. The asterisk in the filter name excludes them from the application's Queries drop-down list.

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