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Use PrinterFormFeed to specify how paper advances to the next page. Table 41 describes the valid values you can specify for PrinterFormFeed.

If using sheets of paper, set PrinterFormFeed to 0.

Specify 1 or 2 for continuous-feed paper, as follows:

  • Set PrinterFormFeed to 1 if you do not need to conserve paper or if you want pages of uniform length. The printer scrolls to the length specified by the PageHeight parameter and trims the page there.
  • Set PrinterFormFeed to 2 to conserve paper or if it does not matter if your pages are of varying length. In this case, the printer scrolls 25 millimeters beyond the last printed line and trims the page there. The scroll distance, 25 mm, is not customizable.

For both values, 1 and 2, the page length must never exceed PageHeight.

Table 41. Printer Form Feed

0 (default)

Printer sends a form feed command to the printer at the end of each page. Use this setting for sheet paper.


Printer scrolls the page to the length specified by the PaperHeight parameter.


Printer scrolls the page 25 millimeters past the last printed line of the page.

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