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Offset Tag

The Offset tag adds a value to a number value in a variable.


Use the Offset tag to perform (positive or negative) offset variable calculations. Offset can be used with SetX and SetY to position the printer head. Special variable names _X and _Y are reserved variables which indicate the current x and y coordinates of the printer head position. These variable names can be used to offset current printer head coordinates by a specified number value.


<TAG:Offset variable="VARIABLE NAME" offset="NUMBER VALUE">



(Required) Applet tag indicator.


(Required) Name of the variable to be offset. _X and _Y can be used to offset the current printer head position.


(Required) Number value with which to offset the variable. This can be a positive or negative value.


The following examples yield the same result. The examples place the printer head position at
(+40,-40) from the current head position (_X, _Y). If the current printer head is (100,50), then this means that the new printer head position is (140,10):

<TAG:GetX variable="posx">

<TAG:GetY variable="posy">

<TAG:Offset variable="posx" offset="40">

<TAG:Offset variable="posy" offset="-40">

<TAG:SetX x="<variable>posx">

<TAG:SetY y="<variable>posy">

<TAG:Offset variable="_X" offset="40"> 

<TAG:Offset variable="_Y" offset="-40">

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