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SetX Tag

The SetX tag sets the printer head position along the X axis.


SetX is an absolute mode-only tag that can be used with the GetX, GetY, and SetY tags to control the position of the printer head. Use the SetX tag in conjunction with the Cell, Applet, and Lineto tags to position objects in the printable area.

SetX cannot be used to position static text because full-line text is meant for printing text across the full width of the page. It is recommended that you use the Cell tag to position text in the exact location.


<TAG:SetX x="X">



(Required) Applet tag indicator.


(Required) String value or variable if used with GetX tag specifying where to position the printer head based on its distance to the right, in millimeter from the left margin of the paper.


The following sets the printer head position to 100 millimeters from the left margin:

<TAG:SetX x="100">

If using SetX with the GetX and Offset tags, the following example sets the printer head position 40 millimeters to the right of the current printer head position. This means that if the current printer head position is 100 millimeters from the left margin, then the new printer head position is 140 millimeters from the left margin:

<TAG:GetX variable="posx">
<TAG:Offset variable="posx" offset="40">
<TAG:SetX x="<variable>posx">

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