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SMQ Outbound Activity to Primary Owned By

As shown in Figure 6, this outbound workflow uses the SMQ Outbound Activity to one recipient workflow as a subworkflow. This workflow is triggered by the WriteRecordUpdated runtime event in the Action business component. When an activity is assigned to a mobile user, or when an activity owned by a mobile user is updated, the workflow sends a server outbound data message to the mobile user with the updated activity and its associated data.

Figure 6. SMQ Outbound Activity to Primary Owned By Workflow
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This workflow provides three main process properties to the SMQ Outbound Activity to One Recipient workflow.

  1. Application Name: set to Siebel Service for CE, which is Service Handheld application.
  2. Message Object: set to ActionSHCE, which is the business object enabled for Store-and-Forward Messaging for the Service Handheld application.
  3. Recipient: set to the Primary Owned By field value of an activity record. This value identifies the primary owner of the activity.

In addition, a condition of "([Updated By]<>[Primary Owner Id]) AND [Status]<>LookupValue('Event Status', 'Dispatch Failed')" is specified on the branch following the start step. This condition filters out two undesirable triggering events, the record changes that are made by the owner himself, and the changes that are made by the workflow itself because the related outbound data messages are not delivered within the Message Delivery Timeout.

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