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Linking ESS Forms, Literature, and Solutions to Employee Directory

End users can request changes to personal information within the Employee Directory using the Request Changes button on the Employee Profile Locator Profile applet, the Employee Profile Locator My Profile applet, and the Employee Locator Job Info applet. Clicking Request Changes takes users to the InfoCenter, which displays ESS Forms, Literature, and Solutions.

Administrators can associate Employee Self-Service forms, literature, and solutions to the Request Changes buttons by using Catalog Administration. The catalog used in this case is the Siebel application Employee Center.

To link ESS Forms to Request Changes buttons

  1. Navigate to the Site Map > Administration - Catalog view.
  2. In the Catalog Administration list, query for Employee Center.
  3. In the Employee Center record, click the link in the Name field.
  4. From the Category detail form, navigate to the desired category.

    The table that follows describes the applet-category mapping.

    Target Category

    Employee Profile Locator Profile

    Employee Profile

    Employee Profile Locator My Profile

    My Profile

    ERM Employee Locator Job Info

    My Report Job Information

  5. From the Category Detail form, click the link Troubleshooting/Access Instructions.

    If the link is not visible, click the drop-down list at the end of the link bar.

  6. From the Troubleshooting/Access Instructions list, click New and add the ESS Form from the Pick SmartScript dialog box.

To add literature items

  1. From the Category Detail form, click the Literature link.
  2. In the Literature list, click Add to add literature items.

To add solutions

  1. From the Category Detail form, click the Solutions link.
  2. In the Solutions list, click New to add the desired solution.
  3. Verify that the correct ESS forms (or solutions or literature) are visible by navigating to the end-user views.

    NOTE:  In Employee Locator, the employee's profile is only visible if the employee selects his own profile in Employee Directory. Similarly, Job Info is only available if the employee selects a direct report in Employee Directory.

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