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Adding Approval Lists

You can create approval lists for CABs, ECABs, and so on. To create approval lists, perform the following task.

To add approval lists

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Application > Approval Admin view.
  2. In the Approval Item list, create a new record for CAB and ECAB and complete the necessary fields.
  3. In the Approval Flow Type field, select either sequential or parallel for the approval flow:
    • Select sequential if sequential approval flow is required—that is, if Employee1 approves, then Employee2 approves next.
    • Select parallel if any one of the approvers can approve the change, for example either Employee1 or Employee2 can approve.
  4. Add the employees to the list of approvers, and in the Approval Stage form, create a new record and complete the necessary fields.
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