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Setting Up Siebel HelpDesk Responsibilities

Before a user can run Siebel HelpDesk, you must associate the user with the appropriate responsibilities.

Siebel HelpDesk is preconfigured with several responsibilities that are specific to Siebel HelpDesk. Organizations can use these preconfigured responsibilities to set up help desk users. Table 3 describes the preconfigured help desk responsibilities.

The responsibilities can be used as-is during a deployment, or they can be modified to meet the needs of the particular organization. The preconfigured responsibilities can be used as a guide for creating new responsibilities.

The Views and Users subview lists at the bottom of the screen allow you to specify the users assigned to the selected responsibility and the views that each user can access. You can add or remove views according to your organization's needs, or you can create a new responsibility. For more information on creating and modifying responsibilities, see Siebel Security Guide.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Siebel HelpDesk.

Table 3. Preconfigured Siebel HelpDesk Responsibilities

Change Management

Users with this responsibility can access the Change Management module.

ERM Analytics HelpDesk

Users with this responsibility can access the Oracle Business Intelligence reports for HelpDesk.

ERM User

Users with this responsibility can access the HelpDesk online.

HelpDesk Agent

Users with this responsibility can access the Siebel HelpDesk views.

Universal Agent

Users with this responsibility can access the Call Center views.

To set up Siebel HelpDesk agent responsibilities

  1. Log in to the Siebel application (for example Siebel Call Center).
  2. Navigate to the Site Map > Administration - Application > Responsibilities view.
  3. In the Responsibilities list, query to find the responsibility with which you want to associate an employee.
  4. In the Users subview list, click the menu button, and then click New Record.
  5. In the Add Users dialog box, query to find the user you want to add, and then click OK.
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