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Locating a Comparable Substitute for a Booked Asset

Using the Category Availability Gantt chart, users can locate an unreserved asset that can be substituted for an asset that is already booked.

The Category Availability chart shows the assets that are associated with a particular product and other products that belong to the same subcategory as the selected product. The chart also shows who has booked the assets. This form of display helps users to compare and contrast availability of products within the same category.

The user can position the mouse pointer over the assets on the y-axis and see the product details, description, subcategory, category, and product resource type.

This task is a step in Process of Booking Hospitality Assets.

To locate a substitute asset

  1. Navigate to the Functions screen > Functions List view.
  2. In the Functions list, query for and select the required function.
  3. In the Function record, click the link in the function Name field.
  4. In the Function > Line Items list, select the line item.
  5. Scroll down and click the Assets view tab.
  6. In the Assets list, select the asset, and note the asset identifier.
  7. Click the Category Availability view tab to display a Gantt chart that shows similar products according to category and subcategory.
  8. In the chart, position the mouse pointer over the asset that you noted in Step 6 to view details.
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