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Guest and Accounting Event Check Rules and Review

Operations managers can review event checks that are generated for the customer and for the property's accounting department using the Event Checks screen.

Oracle's Siebel Hospitality uses a set of rules when generating and displaying the final Guest Event Check and Accounting Event Check. These rules depend on a number of factors, which include the Product Type, Parent Product Type, and any Tax and Service Charge inclusions specified for the order function line items.

There are two types of products, simple and complex. Simple products are stand-alone products that do not have associations with parent or child product records. For example, a simple product might be a projector required for a meeting function. Complex products are associated with either parent or child records (and in some cases, complex products are associated with both). Examples of complex products are menus and packages. For more information on menus and packages, see Managing Property-Specific Menus and Packages.

Based on the set of rules, the application validates the product type to determine how to calculate and display the function line items on each Event Check type. The Tax and Service Charge inclusions are then applied to calculate each function line item price.

For example, when an Event Check (or a Trial Check) is posted for simple function line items that are tax and service charge inclusive, the Guest Event Check shows the total amount paid by the customer. If an item is $100 and it is flagged tax and service charge inclusive, the customer sees only $100 on the check. The Guest Event Check displays the Original Total Price for that line item.

The Accounting Event Check, however, shows the pre-tax and service charge deduction price. For the $100 item, assuming the Tax and Service Charge flags are checked, the product's price is shown as $82, and on separate lines in the event check, an $8 tax and a $10 service charge are listed for a total of $100. The Account Event Check displays an Adjusted Total Price for that line item.

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