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Voiding an Event Check

Posted event checks can no longer be updated. Therefore, if the manager finds a problem with an event check during a review, then the manager must void the original event check and post an updated version.

When the event manager sets the event check status to Void, the Order screen's Function Line Items view appears with a new version of the event check. The copy of the voided event check has a new Event Check number and can be edited. The status of the order is updated from Closed to Open, and the Event Check # field reflects the new invoice number.

This task is a step in Process of Generating Event Checks.

To void a posted event check

  1. Navigate to the Event Checks screen > Event Checks List view.
  2. In the Event Checks list, query for and select the required event check record.
  3. In the Event Check record, change the value in the Status field to Voided, and then save the record.

    The Order screen > Function Line Items view appears.

  4. Update the new event check record.
  5. Post the event check.
  6. For more information on posting an event check, see Posting Event Checks.
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