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Viewing Billable and Nonbillable Event Check Line Items

Before you post the event check, you can view all line items associated with the check, including both billable and nonbillable line items. You can view these items in the Line Items view tab for the event check. The total amount of the event check, taxes, and service charges values are only affected by the billable items and not by the nonbillable items.

All simple products are shown in the Line Items view. For complex products, the Billable flag is disabled for child products and is enabled for the main products. If the Billable flag is unchecked and the event check is refreshed, the complex product will not appear in the Line Items (Guest) view.

This task is a step in Process of Generating Event Checks.

To view billable and nonbillable event check line items

  1. Navigate to the Event Checks screen > Event Checks List view.
  2. In the Event Checks list, query for and select the required event check.
  3. Click the link in the Event Check # field, and then click the Line Items view tab.
  4. In the Line Items list, select a line item and examine the Billable field.

    This Billable flag will be checked for billable line items.

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