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Querying Sleeping Room Inventory Controls

When sleeping room inventory controls are defined and applied in the Inventory Controls list, they are then displayed in the Total Group Availability list underneath. This list allows you to query for information using the standard Query button. However, you can also query for specific dates by clicking the Query Date button.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Inventory Controls.

To query for sleeping room inventory controls on specific dates

  1. Navigate to the Property Pricing Admin screen.
  2. In the Properties list, query for the property record, and then click the link in the Property Name field.
  3. Click the Inventory Control view tab.
  4. Click the Sleeping Room link to navigate to that view.
  5. In the Total Group Availability list, click the Query Date button.

    The Query Date dialog box appears.

  6. Click the calendar select button and choose the appropriate date.
  7. Click Go.

    The date for which you queried and the following seven days are displayed.

  8. Complete the rest of the fields, specifying the start and end duration and the reason the function space is out of order, and then save the record.

    NOTE:  You can drill down on the Start Date Time value to navigate to the Function Space Diary where the selected date and the appropriate property are displayed.

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