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Flagging a Function for Spacious Set

A customer may request a larger space for the function than is typically allocated based on the number of expected attendees. For example, a customer might want to hold a function that includes a dance. The expected number of people for the function may suggest a smaller room be booked; however, if a dance is planned, a more spacious function set is required.

This requirement can be met by setting the spacious set flag at the following levels:

  • Opportunity stage
  • Quote stage

At the quote stage, the user can create a new function (or modify an existing function), specify the Setup Style, remove the room area requirements and the value in the Function Space field, select the Spacious Set flag, and then click Next Fit.

When the Next Fit process is launched with the Spacious Set requirement, the system multiplies the expected number of attendees by 1.5. The resulting number is then used in the Best Fit/Next Fit algorithm. See Next Fit for more information about the Next Fit process. The value for Spacious Set can be configured, and is only applicable for an availability check. Changes to this flag after function inventory is reserved have no effect.

It is possible to configure the multiplier that is used for the Spacious Set flag. Perform the steps in the following procedure to adjust the multiplier value.

To configure the Spacious Set flag multiplier

  1. Log into Siebel Tools as an administrator.
  2. In the Object Explorer, navigate to Business Component.
  3. Query for the TNT SHM Function.
  4. Navigate to Business Component > Business Component User Prop.
  5. Query for the Spacious Set Multiplier.
  6. Under Value, enter the new multiplier value.
  7. Recompile the SRF.
  8. Restart the client.
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