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Management of Functions That Require Backup Space

There are two ways in which function spaces can be mapped to different functions:

  • Using the Best Fit/Next Fit process. The Best Fit/Next Fit process is performed on the basis of information captured during the opportunity stage and a function space is automatically selected. For more information about Best Fit, see About Property-Specific Quotes.
  • Manually adding a new function space. You can manually add a new function space to the quote if necessary. For more information about manually adding function spaces, see Adding Functions and Function Line Items to a Quote.

When you add a new function space to a quote you need to determine whether or not it requires backup space. This is determined by examining the read-only Back Up Required field for the function or function space. If this flag is checked, you should add extra backup spaces as required.

NOTE:  You cannot delete the Active Primary space for a function. If you want to delete the active primary space for a function, you must make another space the active primary space, and then delete the space that is no longer the active primary space.

This task is a step in Process of Working with Event Inventory.

To manage functions that require backup, you must do the following:

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