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Understanding Booking Types for Function Spaces

When you add a new function space, the default Booking Type is Active. The type that is selected in this field is important because it drives other functionary for the function. The effects of the Booking Type are:

  • Only the rental price of active function spaces is taken into account for the quote price. Therefore, the rental price of a backup or switched space is not rolled up to the Quote Revenue. The customer is not charged for both the primary function space and the backup space. However, if a customer was to add an extra Active space instead of a backup space, then the user would be charged for both active function spaces.
  • Threshold calculations are only performed for active function spaces. Backup and switched spaces do not contribute to the threshold calculations. However, if there are more than one active function spaces, then threshold calculations for all active spaces are performed.
  • If the function space is either of type Backup or Switched, then function space is not added as a line item in the Function Line Items view. Only active function spaces appear in this view.
  • If the Booking Type field is changed, the Need Refresh flag for the function is checked. This means that the function should be repriced, as the price of the functions may have changed.
  • Function Spaces of booking type Active are added as line items to BEO and SOE reports. For more information on these reports, see Creating Hospitality Reports.

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