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Background Processes at the Quote Level

Two background workflow processes are used to set the entire inventory of a quote to unreserved. The administrator must verify that these workflows are activated. For more information on activating workflows, see Hospitality Workflow Processes.

The two background processes that run against the quote include:

  1. Process 1. After the procedures in Management of Functions at the Quote Stage are completed, a background process is activated that monitors the quote. This process should always be available. At this point, the Inventory Status field is set to Reserved for both Function and Sleeping Room records associated with the quote. After a predefined amount of time passes, the system checks the Status field on the quote record. If the Status field is still set to Prospect, the workflow process automatically updates the Inventory Status to Unreserved for both Functions and Sleeping Rooms associated with the quote, and the inventory is released. However, the status for each function and sleeping room status remains as Prospect.
  2. Process 2. When the quote's Decision Date field is completed, the second background process begins. This process should always be available also. When the Decision Date passes, the system automatically releases all inventory, which includes Function Space Inventory and Room Block Inventory.

NOTE:  Sample workflows are available but each customer can change them based on their own needs.

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