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Scheduling a Function in a Specific Suite

The sales representative can schedule a function in a reserved specific suite used for sleeping. After entering function information for the specific suite, the sales representative clicks Reserve for the function.

NOTE:  The sales representative should not attempt to schedule a function for an unreserved specific suite even though the Function Scheduling button is enabled.

This task is a step in Process of Working with Event Inventory.

To schedule a function for the booked specific suite

  1. Navigate to the Quotes screen > List view.
  2. In the Quotes list, query for the quote record.
  3. In the Quote record, click the link in the Quote # field.
  4. Click the Room Blocks view tab.
  5. In the Room Block Line Items list, select a room block line item of room type Suite Category.
  6. Drill down on the Room Block Name value.

    The Room Blocks screen's Line Items view appears.

  7. Scroll down to the Specific Suites list.
  8. In the Specific Suites list, select the reserved specific suite record, and then click Function Scheduling.

    Clicking this button creates a new function record and takes the user to the Functions screen's More Info view. Only the record the user creates should be displayed in the Functions list. The user must specify a start and end time for the function before reserving it. The user can change the function type.

  9. In the function record, update the fields, and then click Reserve.
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