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Management of Room Blocks at the Quote Stage

A sales representative can create and reserve new property-specific room block line items for a quote record, and then drill down to the inventory display views to confirm reservation information as follows:

  • If a generic sleeping room type has been specified for the opportunity, during quote creation, a check is performed to determine whether sleeping rooms are available and effective on the specified dates. Effectivity dates can be defined for a room to prevent it from being considered when booking before or after certain dates. If the room is ineffective, it cannot be booked.
  • If sleeping rooms can be booked, the generic sleeping room type is converted to property-specific sleeping rooms. However, if not, the generic sleeping room type is copied to the quote.
  • If, after attempting a room block reservation, the sales representative finds that a room type is not available, the sales representative can overbook the room.

If rooms have been overbooked, the sleeping room total group availability will appear as a negative value in the Total Availability view. For more information, see Checking Inventory Availability Using Property Screen Views.

This task is a step in Management of Room Blocks at the Quote Stage.

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