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Reviewing Total, Group, and Transient Availability

The sales representative, event execution user, and the revenue manager can use the Property screen's Total Availability view to gain a better understanding of the total sleeping room availability information for a property. The Total Availability view contains a Property form, a Date query form, and three read-only lists.

A Dates/Notes and a Go to Diary button are available for the Total Transient Availability and Total Group Availability lists. See Reviewing Total Group Availability for more information on these buttons.

The Property form provides high-level information about the property in the Key Property Information, Property Classification, Capacity Information, Systems Information, Units Information, and Rating Information sections.

Use the Date form to query for a different start date and view the availability numbers for an eight-day range, starting with the specified date. The start date specified in the query is displayed synchronously across the three lists.

Under the Date form, three lists show availability figures by total, group, and transient availability. By default, all three lists show availability counts, by type, starting with the current date.

The Total Availability list shows the total for the transient and group information. It provides a snapshot view of the total number of available sleeping rooms.

Table 33 describes the information that appears in the rows in the Total Availability list.

Table 33. Total Availability Row Description


A calculated field that displays a sum of the all the sleeping rooms for the property.

Group Picked Up

Total number of sleeping rooms that were actually picked up from blocked group rooms.

Total Authorized

Calculated value. The total number of sleeping rooms available for the property.

Total Booked

Calculated value. The sum of blocked group and transient rooms.

Total Available

Calculated value. The number of rooms available for booking.


The ratio of the total booked to capacity.

Actual Available

The difference between capacity and total booked.

Sell Notes

Revenue managers can flag days as high priority for event sales and add sell notes to describe the sales strategy the property is implementing. This row shows the number of sell notes that are applicable on that given date.

The Total Group Availability list available from these screens is identical to the list that appears in the Property screen's Total Group Availability view.

The Total Transient Availability list shows the number of transient sleeping rooms available for a particular property. The numbers are broken down further into types that include:

  • Transient Booked
  • Transient Available
  • Transient Optimal
  • Sell Notes

Transient availability information is typically populated by system integrators.

This task is a step in Process of Working with Event Inventory.

To review Total Availability

  1. Navigate to the Property screen.
  2. From the Properties list, query for the property record.
  3. In the Property record, click the link in the Property Name field.
  4. Click the Total Availability view tab.
  5. (Optional) Enter a date and click Search.

Navigating to the Total Availability View

Users can navigate to the Property screen's Total Availability view by clicking the Date field in any Room Block Line item record. For example, a user can click the Date field in the Quotes screen's Room Blocks view. Using this method, the user can navigate to the Total Availability view and see availability information beginning with the date assigned to the Room Block Line Item record.

Users can also navigate to the Total Availability view from the Function Space Diary screen. The following procedure describes this method.

To navigate to the Total Availability view from the Function Space Diary screen

  1. Navigate to the Function Space Diary screen.
  2. Query for a property record.
  3. Click the appropriate diary view tab.
  4. In the selected view, enter the required start date and time scale, and click Go.
  5. Click the date shown on the major time axis in the Function Space Diary.

    The Total Availability view appears showing a start date that corresponds to the date entered in the Start Date field in the diary.

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