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Quote Generation Processes

Based on the function, room block, and property information captured at the opportunity level, an automated process is triggered to generate quote records for each property associated with the opportunity record. The Generate Quote process takes many factors into account when generating quote records that meet all the specified requirements.

The Generate Quote process invokes the following inventory and pricing subprocesses:

  • Function Space and Suite Best Fit Reservation
  • Sleeping Room Reservation
  • Mapping generic products to property specific products
  • Calculating the room rental price of function space
  • Calculating the quote threshold value

The application uses attributes such as the Bypass and Non Participating Property flags to determine which subprocesses are launched for the agenda created during the opportunity capture stage. For example, the Bypass flag set on the property record suppresses several subprocesses including function space reservation.

It is critical that the sales representative validates each attribute on the Function, Room Block, and Property records. These attributes dictate which automated subprocesses are launched during the generate quote process.

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