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Management of Property Characteristics at the Opportunity Stage

There are several property attributes that affect how the quote records are handled during the generate quote process. Two such attributes are the NPP flag (Non Participating Property flag) and the Bypass flag. When either of these two attributes flags set for property records, the system skips the best fit and pricing steps during the create quote process.

Nonparticipating properties are identified as properties that do not use the Hospitality Event Sales, Execution or Function Space Inventory processes. The function spaces and sleeping rooms in nonparticipating properties, however, can still be sold by a member of the Brand and National Sales Center.

Similar to the function's Bypass flag attribute, the Bypass flag that is set in the Opportunity Property record indicates that the best fit step should be suppressed for all functions records associated with that property record. After the quote is generated, the sales representative can manually assign specific function spaces to the quote's functions. For more information about associating property records with an opportunity, see Selecting Properties for the Event Opportunity.

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