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Management of Room Block Characteristics at the Opportunity Stage

During the opportunity capture process, the sales representative can add detailed information about room blocks and room block line items. Room block line items represent the sleeping room types that are booked as part of a room block. One of the attributes that characterizes the room block line item is the room block type. The user can select only generic sleeping rooms at the opportunity stage. The administrator creates the generic sleeping room line items using the Product Administration screen. There are several types listed under the Room Type field, including:

  • Generic Standard
  • Generic Deluxe
  • Generic Suite
  • Generic Upgrade

During the create quote process, the system maps the generic room type to the property's sleeping room. This mapping process uses generic room block records, and each generic room block record has a list of actual property sleeping rooms associated with it. For more information about creating generic room block records, see Creating Generic Room Blocks, Adding Room Block Information to an Event Opportunity, and Mapping Generic Room Blocks to Property-Specific Room Types.

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