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Management of Function Characteristics at the Opportunity Stage

The sales representative can use a number of function parameters to manage and detail functions at the opportunity level. Management at the opportunity level typically occurs before the sales representative associates properties with the opportunity and generates quotes.

Noise Flag

The Noise flag indicates that a particular function may generate a lot of noise which can inconvenience other guests at the property. The noise flag helps sales representatives identify noise-producing functions and manage other functions that occur during the same time.

Spacious Set Flag

At the opportunity stage, the user can create a new function (or edit an existing function), specify the setup style and expected number of attendees, and then set the Spacious Set flag. During the create quote process, the Best Fit step takes the Spacious Set flag into account when reserving a function space. See Flagging a Function for Spacious Set for more information.

Bypass Flag

The Bypass flag allows the sales representative to bypass the best-fit step of the create quote process for functions requiring very specific locations. Instead, the sales representative can select the function space at the quote stage.

Best Fit Suite Only Flag

The Best Fit Suite Only flag is used to book suites as function spaces. The sales representative sets the Best Fit Suite Only flag so that only suite function spaces are selected during the create quote best fit process.


The Feature drop-down list is used to specify particular product features, which the create quote best fit process must take into account when selecting the most appropriate function space for the booking. See Creating Function Space Product Features for the Opportunity Screen's Function Agenda for more information.

Subfunctions at the Opportunity Stage

The sales representative can build a hierarchy of functions and subfunctions at the opportunity level. For example, a board meeting function takes place for the entire business day in which smaller breakout sections are held, such as a coffee break and dinner. These breakout sessions, which occur throughout the board meeting, are defined as subfunctions under the Board Meeting Function record. See Detailing a Function for more information.

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