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Adding Room Blocks to an Opportunity

A room block is a collection of room block items, and corresponds primarily to one billing item. When making a group reservation, a customer may want to specify billing methods and rates for different parts of the group. To satisfy these requirements, you can create a number of different room blocks (with a number of room block line items attached) as part of the same opportunity.

This task is a step in Adding Room Block Information to an Event Opportunity.

To add a room block to an opportunity

  1. Navigate to Opportunities screen > Opportunities List view.
  2. In the Opportunities list, query for and select the required opportunity record.
  3. In the Opportunity record, click the link in the Opportunity # field.
  4. Click the Room Blocks view tab.
  5. In the Room Blocks list, create a new record, and complete the fields.

    The following table describes some of the fields.



    The name for the room block.

    Date Created

    The date on which the room block was created.

    Created By

    The User Id of the user who created this room block.

    Billing Method

    Choose an appropriate method from the list.

    Reservation Method

    Choose the method by which the room block was reserved. The methods are:

    • Rooming List. A list of rooms required is sent to the property by the event organizers.
    • Individual Reservations. Each individual attending the event is responsible for calling the hotel to make a room reservation.
    • Reservation Cards. A number of reservation cards for the property were completed and sent in to the property.
    • Housing Agency. An intermediate agency handles the booking of the group's room blocks.

    Reservation Type

    Choose one of the following reservation types for the room block:

    • GTDC. The reservation for an individual is guaranteed for arrival by the attendees' company. No-shows are charged for the reservation.
    • GTDI. The reservation is guaranteed by the individual attending the event (usually by a credit card). If the reservation is not cancelled within a predefined period of time, the individual is charged for the reservation.
    • NGTD. The reservation for an individual is not guaranteed and the reservation is released for sale by 6 P.M. on the specified date of arrival.

    Cutoff Date

    The customer's deadline to reserve all of the rooms. If the customer has not reserved the rooms by this date, the revenue manager can release the space for use by other groups.

    Housing Restriction

    Select this check box if there is a housing restriction for this room block.

    Housing Company Name

    Select the housing company for this room block.

    Sequence #

    Defines where this room block should appear in the list of room blocks in the quote.

    NOTE:  In the Room Blocks list, you may only have one record with the same Room Type and Day #.

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