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Adding a Property to an Opportunity

The following predictor details how to add a property to an opportunity. When the sales representative navigates to the Opportunity > Properties view, there are a number of buttons that can be used when working with properties, as follows:

  • Query. Use this button to perform an attribute search on property records already added to the Property list. Property attributes include CRS Code, Brand, City, State, # of Guest Rooms, and so on.
  • New. Use this button to access the Property Search list, where you can perform an attribute search for a list of properties, and then add the properties to the list.
  • Create Quote. Use this button to create a quote for each selected property. After a quote is created, the Opportunity Quotes view appears. For more information, see Generating an Event Quote.
  • Bypass. Bypass is both a button and a flag field. The user can manually click the field to change its value, or select multiple property records and click the Bypass button so that all selected records are flagged for bypass. The user can set the bypass flag for the property record to skip the availability check when the quote is created.

NOTE:  The conversion from generic to property-specific room blocks takes place for bypassed property records, and pricing is also returned for these properties.

This task is a step in Selecting Properties for the Event Opportunity.

To add a property to an opportunity

  1. Navigate to the Opportunities screen > Opportunities List view.
  2. In the Opportunities list, query for and select the required opportunity.
  3. In the Opportunity record, click the link in the Opportunity Name field.
  4. Click the Properties view tab.
  5. In the Properties list, create a new record, and from the Add Properties list, query for properties meeting the desired criteria.
  6. In the Add Properties list, select all relevant properties, and then click OK.
  7. In the Properties list, select the Primary check box to designate the primary property.
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