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Associating Affiliate Accounts with the Host Opportunity

Affiliate accounts are added using the Affiliate Accounts view. From this view, you can specify the affiliate accounts, contacts, and other information associated with the opportunity.

This task is a step in About Host-Affiliate Relationships.

To associate an affiliate account with an opportunity

  1. Create a host opportunity, as described in Creating the Host Opportunity.
  2. Click the link in the Opportunity Name field, and then click the Affiliate Accounts view tab.
  3. In the Affiliate Accounts list, create a new record, complete the fields, and then save the record.

    The following table describes some of the fields.



    Select this check box if the account is the primary affiliate account for the opportunity.


    Select an account to be affiliated with the opportunity from the drop-down list.

    Last Name

    Select a contact from the drop-down list.

    First Name

    This field is automatically populated when the Last Name field is completed.


    Select the status of the affiliate.


    Enter a code for the affiliate if necessary.

    Peak # Attendees

    The peak number of affiliate attendees.


    Enter details of the rate at which sleeping rooms and functions spaces can be offered.

    Function Space Requirement

    Enter details about function space requirements for the affiliate.

    Sleeping Room Requirement

    Enter details about sleeping room requirements for the affiliate.

    Work Phone #

    This field is automatically populated when the Last Name field is completed.

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