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Viewing All Line Items for an Order

When all necessary line items are included in an order, the event manager views all of the line items in one view. This view provides details of the item quantity, price, discount amount, and so on for each line item. It provides a summary of all items for which the customer is to be charged.

NOTE:  The Order Line Items view is read-only, and no modifications can be made from here.

This task is a step in Process of Generating and Managing Event Orders.

To view all line items associated with an event order

  1. Navigate to the Orders screen > Event Orders list view.
  2. In the Event Orders list, query for and select the required event order.
  3. Click the link in the Order # field, and then click the Line Items view tab.

    All line items associated with the order appear in the Line Items list.

  4. Examine the Revised field to see whether or not the Line Item has been modified since the order was created.

    If there is a flag in this field, then the line item has been modified since the order was created. This means that pricing information for the order should be updated using the Reprice button.

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