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Creating Functions from the Orders Screen

New function and function line item records can be created using the Order screen's Functions view. When the event manager creates function records using the Order screen, the selected order automatically becomes assigned as the new function's primary order. In addition, the function's line item records are synchronized with the Quote screen's Functions view. For more information, see Synchronization Between Orders and Quotes.

This task is a step in Process of Generating and Managing Event Orders.

To create a new function using the Orders screen

  1. Navigate to the Order screen > Event Order view.
  2. In the Orders list, query for and select the required order record.
  3. In the Order record, click the link in the Order # field.
  4. In the Order Functions list, create a new record, and complete the fields.
  5. (Optional) Scroll down to the function Line Items list and create new function line items records.
  6. Save the record.

Synchronization Between Orders and Quotes

Orders and quotes are separate entities at different stages of the event sales execution. Orders are generated from quotes after the quotes have been detailed as much as possible. Because event managers can modify order functions, line items, and line item attributes, a synchronization process is built into Siebel Hospitality to make sure that any changes made to the order are reflected in the associated quote and also that any changes made at the quote stage are reflected in the associated order. The synchronization process is capable of dealing with both simple and complex products.

Synchronization between orders and quotes operates as follows:

  • Functions. The function entity is shared between orders and quotes. The same record is used to provide details to both orders and quotes, and so does not need to be synchronized.
  • Function Line Items. A two-way synchronization occurs between quote line items and order line items. Whenever a order line item or quote line item is added, modified, or deleted, the associated quote or order line items are updated accordingly. Also, a list of fields, including Product, Quantity, Price, and Discount, are also synchronized for the modified line items.
  • Function Line Item Attributes. A two-way synchronization occurs between quote line item attributes and order line item attributes. Whenever a order line item attribute or quote line item attribute is added, modified, or deleted, the associated quote or order line item attributes are updated accordingly. The attribute's Value field is also synchronized.
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