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Associating Event Orders with a Function Line Item

Function Line items can be associated with different orders. When the event manager associates another order with the function line item, the user can select from a list of orders already associated with the function.

This task is a step in Process of Generating and Managing Event Orders.

To associate another order to a function line item

  1. Navigate to the Order screen > Event Order view.
  2. In the Orders list, query for and select the order record.
  3. In the Order record, click the link in the Order # field.
  4. In the Functions list, query for the Function record, and then scroll down to the function Line Items list.
  5. Select the Line Item record, and click the Select Button in the Order # field.

    An Order dialog box appears with a list of orders associated with the function.

  6. In the list, select another order record and click OK.
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