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Order Visibility

As with quotes, order records have visibility requirements that determine which orders the event user can view. Table 82 lists the types of users and the type of order records they are able to access.

Table 82. Event Users and Order Record Visibility
Visibility Rule

The Director of Events at a property needs to view all orders associated with a property.

The Director of Event Management needs to view all the orders for his or her property in the All Event Orders for My Property visibility list.

The Corporate Event Execution Vice President needs to query for orders across the system.

The Corporate Vice President for Event Execution can view all orders for the entire system in the All Event Orders Across Organizations visibility list.

The Regional Event Manager needs to query for all orders in a cluster of properties.

The Regional Event Manager can view all orders in a cluster of properties in the visibility list.

The Event Manager associated with the order needs to review the order on the manager's own home page.

The Event Manager who is part of the Orders Team for the order can view this order on his or her home page, in the Orders screen's My Event Orders visibility list.

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